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A Better Plan for Employees

At Alliant Qualified Plans, our goal is to help your employees build toward a successful retirement. The tools and services we provide in our 401(k) and 403(b) plans, in addition to individual guidance on plan investments, can help set participants on the right financial path. Our robust educational program and smart, but simple, investment portfolio choices are designed to guide your employees toward a comfortable retirement.

Better Plan Investments

At Alliant, our goal is to provide consistent, high-quality results for everyone we serve. To help your employees reach their investment goals, we use low-cost institutional and exchange-traded funds. At our firm, you’re not limited to a proprietary fund line-up, giving plan participants significantly more freedom of choice.

Professional Investment Management

Choosing an appropriate asset allocation and a diverse mix of funds can be a daunting task for plan participants. At Alliant, we construct, monitor and rebalance our INSPIRE401kTM model portfolios for our company retirement plans. We do this using the same principles available to high net worth individuals working with a personal financial advisor. Many small plans don’t offer this level of service. Working with Alliant, your employees will be able to reap the many benefits of personalized, professional advice.

Individual Guidance for Plan Investment Selection

Your employees aren’t alone. We guide them as they make the investment choice that is “right” for them and their families. Our professional advisors will discuss participants’ specific investment goals and needs by appointment at any time during the life of your plan.

Essential Financial Education

At Alliant, we provide essential information to help our clients with today’s financial decisions and to better plan for their retirement future. We offer monthly financial webinars on topics that range from “Financial Basics” to “Saving for Children’s College” to “Retirement Planning.” We also offer web-based tools help your employees manage their plan accounts and track their progress toward retirement. Our professional advisors are available to answer your employees’ financial planning questions as they discuss their plan investments.

Are You Prepared?

Are You Prepared?

New laws, investments, technology, plan designs... choose to enhance and enrich your company retirement plan with a strategic but simple approach: Alliant Qualified Plans.

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Let's Talk

Let's Talk

Our complimentary, no-obligation consultations can help plan sponsors with Plan Analysis, Fee Review, Investment Review, Fiduciary Insights and Plan Success Factors.

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